Puppy plans

Puppy plans

Kennel Latruda had their first litter in 1985, and started with the breed in 1982. In 1998 the last litter bred by that generation was born,and in 2007 I took over the kennel name and got my first litter in 2011.

I breed in accordance with the Norwegian Kennel Club's ethical groundrules for breeding, and the Norwegian Bernese Mountain Dog Club's guidelines for breeding.

The goal is to preserve the qualities in the breed, in my lines and in the individual dog, but also to work to improve weaknesses and challenges in both breed and the individual dog. Sound mentality and health, longevity and a typical looking BMD are the three corner stones in my breeding philosophy.

I want to give the puppies the best possible start in life, and therefore I spend a lot of time evaluating my own dogs and my breeding before I decide if a dog is worthy for breeding. I also spend a lot of time doing research to find a good male suitable for my bitch to make an interesting combination. I feel it's important that the bitch is mature before she takes on the demanding and important role of motherhood, and therefore I strive for my brood bitches to be at least 2.5 years before their first litter, preferably older. Also I don't mate my bitches frequently, as carrying pups, giving birth and being a mom is a physically demanding job, and they deserve a long break to "just be a dog" after a litter. I also want to see what my bitch gave in her first litter before I consider a second litter, enabling me to adjust the expectations and requirements in a potential stud based on her offsprings, and I'm now not merely talking about x-ray results.

As owner of a stud I consider myself respinsible and part of the combination being done, and I am therefore selective with how many and which bithes my male can mate.

Feel free to get in touch to know more about my puppy plans and breeding philosophy.

We don't have litters each year, and at the moment we don't expect any puppies until 2024 at the earliest.